World Class Everything It's Simpler That Way

    • What’s more important?
    • Instantaneous service?
    • Eliminating downtime?
    • Data security?
    • Virus protection?
    • Smooth traffic flow?
    • Expandability?
    • Responsive tech support?
    • Remote capabilities?
    • Unbeatable prices?

    Yes. That’s why, rather than prioritize; we simply don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

You're Probably Going to Want to See Some Proof About Now

Our web servers don’t allow single points of failure. We’re redundant to the point of being redundant, with multiple spares of every part on hand to make sure. Our network is designed to keep the clean data flying, and the illegitimate stuff feeling completely left out of the loop. Our equipment is absolutely the best there is, and the instant we have yours up and running, we give you total and almost full control. Unless you need our help, in which case, we’re all ears 24 hours a day.

Need More? Fantastic

Domain names, SSL certificates, website help, we’re on it. All you ever have to do is ask. So go ahead. Join us, and we’ll see what we can do to amaze you Adsolz is a multidimensional company providing Software Development Web Hosting services, Domain Registration services, Network Solutions, Multimedia and Interactive CDs, Support Services and IT Consultancy Services.

Adsolz is also a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) center. We cater the Back Office; Customer Support and Consultancy services for our valued clients within and outside Pakistan. Our teams of highly skilled and professional people are continuously providing the services to the clients. We provide quality services at very affordable and reasonable prices. The objective of Adsolz is not “Just to add another name” in the field of web services solution providers, but the aim is to become a total solution provider with state of the art high tech and reliable solutions with economic pricing to meet and fulfill the requirements of the clients. Adsolz has a team of experienced and dedicated technical and business professionals who understand the business issues of diverse industries and can therefore accurately translate the client’s requirements into a developed form.

Over View

By the Grace and Blessings of Allah the Almighty, Adsolz started its journey in year 2003 as a small hosting company and now 2016 it has been established as an entity which is acting as the back bone of Pakistan’s and world’s Top IT services. Today Adsolz is not only a hosting company but also top website application development company as well. Our list of projects and clients today exceeds 3000. We at Adsolz promise you the best quality at right price. If you are thinking about putting your first step in the world of WWW Adsolz might be the right place for you. And if you haven’t yet stepped into the world of WWW this is the best time to do it. Just as we say at Adsolz:

Board of Advisory

  1. Mr. Sufi Muhammad Akram President
  2. Mr. Dr. Farooq Tariq Butt (H. O. D – Dev. & Tech.)
  3. Mr. Dr. Tahir Mushtaq (H. O. D – R & D)
  4. Mr. Adv. Iftikhar Gul Khan (H. O. D – Legal Affairs)
  5. Mr. Syed Samar Ahmed (Marketing Networks)
  6. Mr. Ijaz Wahla (Franchise Model)
  7. Mr. M. Aamir (C. E. O.)

Development & Operations

  1. Mr. M. Ali (Accounts & Operations)
  2. Mr. Waqar Ahmed (Server Manager)
  3. Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Mobile Apps)
  4. Mr. Waqas Ahmed (H. O. D. Development)
  5. Mr. Abdul Basit (E. R. P. & V. O. IP)
  6. Mr. Abdullah (Project Manager)
  7. Mr. Azhar (Developer)
  8. Mr. Jahnzaib Khan (Developer)
  9. Mr. Awais (Internee)
  10. Mr. Salman Ahmed (Internee)
  11. Mr. Usman Saeed (Marketing & Operations)
  12. Mr. Abdussalam (Marketing & Logistics)

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